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Had a great trip between October 2-9 2018 to the Hurtgen Forest  - invited by the 4th International Reunion of Veterans, Children and Grandchildren of the Hurtgen Forest!  This is a photo taken at Westwall (Siegfried Line) Bunker #10, in the Monschau Corridor, near Simmerath - I described the events there in my book 'A Dark and Bloody Ground.'

April 2016. Briefing the US Army Europe Surgeon and staff on the Hurtgen Forest battle.

Between April 4-7 2016, I led an experiential executive education program - an Army Battle Staff Ride - to the Hurtgen Forest in Germany. The client was the commanding general and senior medical staff of the Army's Regional Health Command-Europe.

I appeared on the Fox Business Channel’s show, War Stories With Oliver North in various airings between 2006-2017


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