Selected Works: Books and Articles

Action in the Admiralties
My latest article appears in the Fall 2017 issue of WWII Quarterly

Ed has three more articles in the 'pipeline' scheduled for publication in 2017-18.

--The 1st Cavalry Division's risky landing in the Admiralty Islands in early 1944. Bad intelligence put 600 troopers ashore against over 2,000 enemy.

--A lightning cavalry attack 140 miles behind Japanese lines to rescue civilian prisoners in Manila in early 1945.

--Still in preparation is an article covering Army-Marine Corps operations in Guam during July-August 1944.

Nothing Less Than Full Victory
This book describes how the US Army changed from an impotent constabularly to a global force in combat against the Germans in World War II. It uses a several exciting small unit action case studies to show how materiel abundance alone did not guarantee success-effective leadership was the answer. GIs and their leaders faced many obstacles and the odds were often against them as they prevailed over one of the best armies in history.

A Dark and Bloody Ground--the Hürtgen Forest and Roer River Dams 1944-1945
Winner of the Forrest C. Pogue Prize from the Eisenhower Center for American Studies at the University of New Orleans as the best book on the history of the U.S. Army, and a featured selection of the Military Book Club, this is recognized as a standard work on the Army’s WWII experience in Europe. It was a key source for the PBS series "The War" (2007).

Generating American Combat Power in WWII
This work is a chapter-length contribution to "World War II Companion," ed. Thomas W. Zeiler, PhD, published in January 2013 by Wiley-Blackwell. It surveys the 'Factory to Foxhole' story of organization, recruiting, training, equipping and deployment of U.S. Navy and Army/Army Air Forces combat forces in World War II.

"Later on Leyte"
See the April 2016 issue of America in World War II magazine.

This article describes intense close combat between troops of the 4th Armored Division's Task Force Abrams and German panzergrenadiers for control of a key town in eastern France in December 1944.

"All the Wrong Reasons"
All the Wrong Reasons - the US Campaign in the Hurtgen Forest was published in the Summer 2010 issue of World War II Quarterly.

"Army Doctrine Has Roots in WWII Pacific" (December 2017)
See the December 2017 issue of "Army" Magazine for my argument that the Army's current Mission Command philosophy is little more than a marketing tool. There is nothing new in Mission Command.

"Tank Battle at Kesternich," with David T. Zabecki, World War II, November 2000
In their first combat action, troops of the 707th Tank Battalion, with soldiers of the 893d Tank Destroyer Battalion, stood between veteran German tankers and hard-bitten infantrymen, and the exhausted and out-numbered GIs of the 28th Infantry Division. These were the climactic hours of the battle for Schmidt, Germany.